How to say goodbye to Malawi?



How to say goodbye to my Maji Zuwa kids? to my friends? to the teachers helped me to growth in that difficult environment? How to say goodbye to my little kids? Ipahija, Chris, Moses, Ibrahim, Hanna, Dorika, Robert… how to say goodbye to all my black family?

I didn’t know how to do it… but I found this video, who say things I think/feel…

Malawi family, probably you’ll never see this video, and even if you see it, is in Spanish, I know… but I don’t have words to explain my feelings in english 😦

I will never forget you… I will always love you… I’ll be back, don’t know when, but as soon as possible!
With love…


First kiss, first things, first moments…


After several months living lot of first moments, I have found this beautiful beautiful video where 20 strangers kiss for the first time.

I have a life plenty of first times here. First time in a foreign language environment, first time in Malawi (Africa), first time living without a lot of things, some of theme “basic” things as meat… First time sharing terrible moments with strangers who, now, are part of my life forever. First time eating nsima, or teaching 150 kids in my nursery, first time of… first time… and I can continue for hours…

This video shows first moment feelings  in a really good way, I’m sure you will appreciate!

Now I can only imagine how my first kiss in Spain will be… “hopefully” great!! 😉

“La vuelta a la tortilla”



Esta claro que para cooperar no hace falta irse a Malawi (que tambien), desde “casa” se pueden hacer cosas increibles como este corto, con el que me siento muy identificada.

Cuantas veces habre tenido una conversacion parecida a la de las dos mujeres con alguna amiga, ya con un pelo precioso… cuantas veces nos habremos reido, nos habremos acojonado, habremos compartido miedos de adulto o planes de adolescente!

Paco Leon, has hecho algo muy grande con este corto… gracias!